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SPIFE 3000
Helena SPIFE 3000

Separations are superior and we continually look for ways to increase efficiency and labor savings. New urine protein and immunofixation assays that require no sample concentration are just one example.

Designed with You in Mind
Besides being a superior system for Cholesterols, IFE, Proteins and Hemoglobins, new menu choices such as IgG IEF, CK, LD, Alk Phos Isoenzymes and Lipoproteins add to the versatility of the system. New gel sizes - from 10 sample to 100 sample - meet any testing volume.

What's New

? Urine Protein and IFE using unconcentrated urine
? High Resolution Proteins with better resolution and separation for easier differentiation of glomerular, tubular and mixed proteinuria
? Pentavalent IFE antisera available for monoclonal protein screening
? QuickGel SPE, IFE and Hemoglobin assays are ideal for low volumes or quick turnaround.
? 10-profile IgG IEF gels use unconcentrated CSF for diagnosing multiple sclerosis
Product Detail
Accurate Sampling
The integrated applicator precisely applies up to 100 samples at once ? fast, clean and accurate. Mylar tips prevent protein adherence that can cause erroneous results.


Positive ID

SPIFE 3000 compares the barcodes from the sample tray and gel - if no match, "lockout" prevents errors.


Reagent and Stain

Reagent is automatically applied to gels for enzymatic assays. On-line stains for visible analytes are also available.


Great Results

Gels are processed automatically with excellent final results & a low cost per test.



On-line Availability
SPIFE provides automated access to two on-line stains ? neat and efficient.

SPIFE 3000 Specifications

Test Types: Proteins, Immunofixation, High Resolution Proteins, Acid Hemoglobins, Alkaline Hemoglobins, Cholesterol Profile (HDL, VLDL, LDL, Lp(a), CK Isoenzymes, LD Isoenzymes, Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes, Lipoproteins, IgG Isoelectric Focusing
Displays: Two, 2 x 40 character LCD
Timer Range: 00:00 to 99:59 min:sec in 1 second increments
Chamber Temperature Range: 50° to 144°F (10° to 62°C)
Dryer Temperature Range: 86° to 158°F (30° to 70°C)
Input Power: 120 Vac (Cat. No. 1088) or 240 Vac (Cat. No. 1089); 50/60 Hz
Voltage Tolerance: 3%
Power Range: 2000 VA
Isolation: 4000 VRMS
Leakage Current:  Less than 50:A
Operating Environment:  59° to 80°F (15° to 27°C)
Dimensions: 12" H x 36" W x 21" D (30 x 91 x 53 cm)
Weight: 78 lbs. (35.4 kg)

SPIFE Accessories

Cat. No. Item
1093 SPIFE Replacement Pump
1113 SPIFE Maintenance Swabs (5/pkg)
1115 SPIFE Gel Block Remover
1119 SPIFE Antisera Tray for IFE-6/3
1122 SPIFE IFE Multi-Channel Pipette
1361 REP/SPIFE Contact Sheets (5/pkg)
1346 Barcode Reader & Cabling (1 set)
1359 REP Prepper
1666 Pos ID Barcode Labels (pkg of 1000)
1669 Pos ID Barcode Readers & Cabling (3 sets)
3349 Tip Spacers for SPIFE IFE-6/3 Multi-Channel Pipette (3/pkg)
3352 SPIFE Rigid Antisera Template-15
3355 Tips for IFE-15 Multi-Channel Pipette
3356 Tip Spacers for SPIFE IFE-9/15 Multi-Channel Pipette (3/pkg)
3388 SPIFE Disposable Stainless Steel Electrodes (3/pkg)
3394 SPIFE IFE-9 Antisera Tray
3395 SPIFE IFE-3 Rigid Antisera Template
3396 Tip Spacers for SPIFE IFE-9 Multi-Channel Pipette
3397 Tips for IFE-9 Multi-Channel Pipette (rack of 384)
3402 Tips for IFE-6/3 Multi-Channel Pipette (10 pks of 72)
3410 SPIFE IFE-6 Rigid Antisera Template
3383 SPIFE IgG IEF Electrodes, 2/pkg
3386 SPIFE Reagent Spreader (for SPIFE 2000)
3387 Applicator Blade Weights (for SPIFE, REP) (3/pkg)
3392 SPIFE IFE-9 Rigid Antisera Template
3450 SPIFE Applicator Blades, 30/pkg
3451 SPIFE Modified Applicator Blades, 30/pkg
3407 SPIFE Urine IFE-15 Alignment Guide
3703 SPIFE IgG IEF Square Replacement Electrode
3704 SPIFE IEF Electrodes/Adapters (3 electrodes/2 adapters)
3706 Reagent Spreaders for SPIFE 3000 and REP 3 (2/pkg)
3708 REP 3 Center Electrode and Adapter
3709 SPIFE/REP 3 Replacement Electrodes (2/pkg)
6300 10-100 μL Variable Volum Pipette with Tip Ejector

Warranty and Service Information


Dispo Cups and Cup Trays for SPIFE, SPIFE 2000, SPIFE 3000

Cat. No. Item
1343 SPIFE/REP 20, 40, 60, Dispo Cup Tray 
3353 SPIFE QuickGel Dispo Cup Tray, Row 6/12 
3354 SPIFE QuickGel Dispo Cup Tray, Row 8/B 
3361 SPIFE 20 Dispo Cup Tray 
3362 SPIFE 3000 IFE-15 Dispo Cup Tray 
3364 SPIFE 2000/3000 20-80 Dispo Cup Tray
3366 SPIFE 2000/3000 20-100 Dispo Cup Tray 
3367 SPIFE IFE-9 Dispo Cup Tray 
3370 SPIFE 2000/3000 20, 40, 60, Dispo Cup Tray 
3376 SPIFE IFE-3/6 Dispo Cup Tray 
3377 SPIFE 2000/3000 IFE-3/6 Dispo Cup Tray
3378 SPIFE 2000/3000 IFE-9 Dispo Cup Tray
3360 SPIFE Dispo Sample Cups - Deep Well, 100/pkg
3363 SPIFE IFE - 9/15 Dispo Sample Cups, 100/pkg
3368 SPIFE IFE - 3/6 Dispo Sample Cups, 100/pkg
3369 SPIFE Dispo Sample Cups - Shallow Well, 100/pkg


SPIFE Accessories for QuickGel

Cat. No. Item
1111 SPIFE QuickGel Electrodes, 2/pkg
3353 SPIFE QuickGel Dispo Cup Tray, Row 6/12
3354 SPIFE QuickGel Dispo Cup Tray, Row 8/B
3357 SPIFE QuickGel Dispo Stainless Steel Electrodes, 3/pkg
3358 SPIFE QuickGel Holder, 1/pkg
3371 SPIFE QuickGel IFE Sample Tray
3372 SPIFE QuickGel Rigid Antisera Template
3373 SPIFE QuickGel IFE Alignment Guide