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QuickScan 2000
QuickScan 2000 with Windows?

From the leader in clinical densitometry comes QuickScan 2000. The Windows-based QuickScan 2000 uses flat-bed densitometry to image visible electrophoretic analytes on agarose, acetate or L/S plates with the speed of Windows and the ease of Helena technology. Just place the finished gel onto the alignment guide and start scanning. An entire plate of up to 100 samples is imaged in mere seconds.

QuickScan 2000 is customized to meet your laboratories' needs with a choice of printers and scanners.
Product Detail

Simple to Use
 ? Operators can master operation in minutes. There are no slits to select, no wavelength to choose.

Easy Scanning
 ?  Scan begin and end are easily marked while viewing image of entire gel.

Auto Editing
?Cholesterol scan editing is automatically performed via intelligent software.

Pick a Beta
? Choose quantitation of the split beta as one or two fractions.