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QuickScan Touch
QuickScan Touch Densitometer

Touch the screen and automatically demarcate the M-spike. Swipe the slider and reverse the pattern image for easier analysis. Automatically overlay previous patient results from a massive data store. These are just a few features of the newest QuickScan densitometer. The QuickScan Touch builds on the proven success of the QuickScan series, adding a high resolution monitor for sharper patterns, an easy to use touch screen interface, user ID audit trail and essentially unlimited data storage.

QuickScan Touch Features
- QuickScan Touch Features
- New Reverse Image
- Easy M-Spikes
- User Access
- Auto Pairing
- Auto Editing
- Positive ID
- Massive Data Storage
- User-Defined Reports and Worklists
- Customized Interpretive Analysis
- Network Capability
- Quality Control
Product Detail

QuickScan Touch with Windows? Specifications

Optics: Flat-bed document scanner
Scan Speed: 100 samples in 12 seconds
Scan Length: From 0.01 to 221.5 mm
Resolution: 200, 400, 600, 800 1200 dpi
Media: Agarose gels and cellulose acetate (TLC with optional scanner)
Gain Modes: Automatic, manual
Scan/Edit Features: Auto/manual fraction selection, force fraction, reference overlay, baseline adjustment, delete area, auto M-spike demarcation, slice or skim quantitation, invert IFE image, zoom, auto edit for cholesterol profile.
Automatic Data Analysis: Analog curve (printed with or without reference overlay), fractions, relative % and/or units, integral count, one or two ratios, high and low out-of-range indicators, and total.
Patient Demographics: Unlimited user-definable demographic labels such as, Patient Name, Birth Date, Patient Age, Sex, etc.
Fraction Names: Up to 10 labeled fractions; labels can be assigned on a scan-by-scan basis.
Reference Ranges: User-definable for total and each fraction, including ranges based on age and/or sex.
Ratios: User may define the ratio of any fraction to any other fraction or to the total.
User Access: Define privileges to edit, import, export, print, change setup or calibration. User data stored with scan.
Comments: Unlimited comments per patient.
Microprocessor: PC-compatible, Microsoft? Windows? 7 based operating system.
Computer Interface: RS232, ASCII and ASTM import protocols, remote editing and review of results.

Electrical Specifications
Input Power: 120 Vac, 1000 Watts, 50/60 Hz, Grounded

Physical Specifications
(Height x Width x Depth)
< or equal to 8x13x22 in (20x33x56 cm)
Computer, Color Monitor & Keyboard: 22x18x24 in (56x46x61 cm)
Printer: 10 x 14 x 14 in (25 x 36 x 36 cm)
Total Weight: 74 lbs (34 kg)
Environment: 15° to 27°C (59° to 81°F)


QuickScan Touch and Accessories

Cat. No. Item
1690 QuickScan Touch
1691 QuickScan Touch, Export Version 1
1692 QuickScan Touch, Export Version 2
1695 Monitor for QuickScan Touch