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Giant HS
Automated electrophoresis system using cellulose acetate
Product Detail

Fully Automated Electrophoresis Analyzer

APPLICATIONS  : Serum-proteins, Hemoglobins, Lipo-proteins, Urinary proteins
Highly compact dimensions, suitable for small/medium labs.
Giant HS performs, in full automation, the complete electrophoresis process, from the  application of the sample on the membrane up to the automatic scanning and archives of the sample graphs with the values in percentage of the splitted bands.
The separation is carried out on small supported acetate membrane, in order to allow the starting up also in presence of minimum quantity of samples without any additional cost increase per test.

Giant HS automatically arranges the loading of all the reagents, standardizing further the electrophoresis process.
Allows to perform the most spread electrophoresis techniques such as serum proteins, hemoglobins and lipo-proteins.
Specific veterinary electrophoresis is also available.
The system provides up to 3 acetate plates during the same analytical cycle, for a total quantity of 24 serum proteins.
The total time to conclude the analytic cycle is 80 min.
An easy viewing program allows the operator to check-out the results before store archive and print out.
G?ant HS is controlled by a PC that allows, beside the input of all the analytical parameters, to manage the patient details in order to complete the final report.
The input of patient details can be performed both from the keyboard and the connection with host computer. The USB port of the instrument allows a fast and reliable connection with the PC.



   Kind of applications : Serum proteins, Hemoglobins, Lipo-proteins, Urinary Proteins
   Employed media : supported cellulose acetate
   Processing capability: 24 samples (3 x 8 tracks)
   Operative cadance : 24 tests/80 min.
   Densitometer  : 8 ultra-luminous led 550 nm,
                          8 optical fiber, 8 photodiode
   Linearity  : from 0 to 2.5 of O.D.
   Power supply ETF : constant voltage or current,
                         adjustable and selectable by program
   Migration chamber : plastic block with titanium,
   Soaking tray  : automatic filling to optimal level
   Staining tray : automatic filling to optimal level
   Destaining tray : automatic filling to optimal level
   Interface  : USB
   Power supply  : AC220V, 60Hz
   Dimension  : 56 x 54 x 45 cm(Idh)
   Weight  : 34 kg
   Mobile parts control : magnetic sensor


   Operative system : Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
   User interface   : monitor, keyboard and mouse
   Minimal recognition : automatic
   Managing techniques : adjustable techniques in time,
                         migration current/voltage
   Interface : USB port to external pc